Grow in School,
Bilingual Montessori school in Colombes (92)

A friendly place where each child grows at his or her own pace, in a bilingual environment.
Give your child every opportunity to thrive!

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For children from 30 months to 6 years of age 

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A child arranges tablets by color

A serene environment conducive to development
of your child

Trust and respect

Trusting children to learn with serenity and to develop their self-confidence. Let the children act and experiment by guiding them and not by doing things for them.

Respect the rhythm and the desires of each person, but also and especially respect each personality.

Autonomy and sharing

By offering an adapted environment, children become more autonomous and learn to do things by themselves. They also discover community life and the sharing of goods, tasks, but also of knowledge.

Mutual aid is also at the heart of our teachings so that everyone can find their place in the group.

A bilingual school

Acquiring the basics of one's native language means relating words to actions in everyday life. In the sensitive language period (between 0 and 6 years old), children are perfectly capable of recording several languages as they do songs.

Total bilingual immersion offers children the opportunity to develop their multilingual skills.

A nursery school and a leisure center in Colombes

GROW IN SCHOOL Montessori School welcomes children from 3 to 7 years old.

With two bilingual environments, in a calm and luminous setting, the school welcomes children all year round in a complete schooling. It also offers activities on Wednesdays and during school vacations to children from outside the school.

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A child prepares stamps

Practical life activities develop a real "social feeling" as the child practices daily life exercises. They develop a sense of order, willpower and logical thinking.
The exercises indirectly prepare for writing and math, among other things.

A kindergartner learns to close buttons

The sensory material allows the child to work on his fine sensibility by carrying out different types of exercises. The child will learn to compare, organize and deduce.
This material engages the head as well as the hands and indirectly prepares one for mathematics.

A small child makes a snake

Language and math work is done throughout the 3 years. Language is a way to express one's personality. It is a means of communication, of sharing knowledge and the basis of all social life.
Mathematics is experimented to go from the concrete to the abstract.

The team of Grow in School, Montessori school in Colombes

Since 2017 and thanks to a close-knit, committed and professional team that is at least bilingual, we accompany dozens of children each year in respect of their individuality while preparing them for the "world of tomorrow".

The team of Grow in School, bilingual Montessori school in Colombes
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