A bilingual Montessori school in Colombes (92)

Grow in School is an independent alternative school* that offers Montessori education in a 100% bilingual environment.

Open since 2017, the school welcomes children aged 30 months to 6 years with the same commitment: to awaken each child's abilities and appetites through the many activities and teaching materials available. They are guided by professionals trained in early childhood and Montessori pedagogy.

A small child makes a snake

* Alternative education, also called "non-traditional education", refers to all educational approaches that differ from the so-called "traditional" pedagogy. Montessori education is one of them.

Maria Montessori and her Children's House

The method is named after its creator, Maria Montessori (1870-1952). She was the first woman doctor in Italy, and also graduated in philosophy, psychology and biology. In January 1907, she created the first " Children's House " - the " Casa dei Bambini " - in San Lorenzo, a poor industrial district of Rome.

After years of study and observation, Dr. Maria Montessori discovered the different stages of human development and identified the "sensitive phases" of the child. She developed a universal educational method for all children.

Grow at your own pace and develop your self-confidence

The method places the child at the center of learning by allowing him to evolve at his own pace, to develop his self-confidence, with educational material based on work, physical, social and spiritual dimensions.

It is based on the sensory awakening of the child and the development of his spirit of autonomy. Autonomy is achieved through individualized work, using self-teaching materials, which does not exclude the possibility of collective work, with rules of life that make the child responsible.

Grow in School references

The bilingual Montessori school in Colombes is registered with the Académie de Versailles.
She is a member of the AMF and AMI and a partner of the ISMM (Institut Supérieur Maria Montessori).

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