The Grow in School team

Since 2017, thanks to a close-knit, committed and professional team,
we accompany dozens of children in the respect of their individuality
while preparing them for the "world of tomorrow".

Portrait of Alexia, founder of Grow in School


Founder and director of the school - Montessori educator 3-6 years
After 15 years of experience as an executive in finance, I had the good fortune to have two very active children and thirsty for discovery!
I have always needed to understand the " why and how ". It is naturally that I immersed myself in the world of early childhood and neuroscientific approaches.
I was looking for something specific for my children and I discovered the pedagogy of Maria Montessori.

I finally decided to go back to school (as a "School Administrator" and then as a Montessori educator for the Maison des Enfants) and to create a school that looks like the one I was looking for for them.
These years spent observing each child with his or her uniqueness, make us realize how different each nature is and how infinite the possibilities are.

"Freedom and discipline" is for me the phrase that best sums up the path we follow in the footsteps of Maria Montessori.

Portrait of Anaïs, Montessori educator at Grow in School


Montessori Educator 3-6 years
With an initial training in work psychology, I wanted to participate in the progression of the world, on my scale, by working with children.

The Montessori pedagogy corresponds to my vision of the development of the child: respect for individuals, the rhythm of each one and the possibility of evolving alongside children of all ages, and above all the child in his individuality.

What I love most of all is to see them happy in this environment and to participate in their development.

Portrait of Aurélie, educational manager at Grow in School


Montessori Educator 3-6 & 6-12 - Pedagogical Manager
Married and mother of 2 girls, my family is everything to me! When my oldest daughter started school, a Montessori school, it was a revelation! I dreamed of being on the other side of the door, next to these children, amazed by everything, happy to learn and share their knowledge.

So I trained in pedagogy at the ISMM. And I had the chance to meet Alexia. I have since helped open Grow in School in 2017 with the 1st 3-6 atmosphere. I then trained as a 6-12 educator to be able to develop the primary within the school and support our students beyond kindergarten. 

If I had to choose one quote, it would be this one: " The joy of learning is as essential to intelligence as breathing is to a runner ", Maria Montessori.

Portrait of Axelle from Grow in School


Montessori Educator 3-6 years
Throughout my literary studies, I had the opportunity to work with children as a leader in leisure centers and summer camps. After a brief career as a journalist, I wanted to change my career path and get back in touch with children.

Convinced of the interest of the Montessori pedagogy - respectful of the child's rhythm - I started in 2017 my training as an educator 3-6 years old at the ISMM (Institut supérieur Maria Montessori) in Nogent sur Marne. It was in 2019 that I joined the Grow in School team! And since then, I take pleasure every day in guiding and accompanying them in their daily development and discovery of the World around us.

Portrait of Glenda, English speaking assistant


English speaking assistant 3-6 years old
I am originally from the Philippines and have always been excited to teach English! I have worked with Japanese and Chinese students for over two years and this has given me the experience, creativity and knowledge to teach children English as a second language.

With a passion for education, I wanted to specialize with younger children to pass on my knowledge. I continued my education and graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education (3-6) from the North American Montessori Center in 2017 (NAMC), which has allowed me to better understand and apply Maria Montessori's pedagogy. I believe that each child embodies unique traits - those little hands are capable of doing many wonderful things. Children are the future saviors of our world if we guide them and believe in them.

Portrait of Janice, English speaking assistant at Grow in School


English speaking assistant 3-6 years old
Born in China, I was raised in Canada where I studied Linguistics and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL).

I then had the opportunity to work in Japan teaching English conversation. Following this experience, I worked as a librarian at the Montessori School in Tokyo, a school with about 150 students aged 3 to 12. There I was introduced to the Montessori pedagogy, which I was very attracted to. I was able to explore it by applying the basics to help my own child grow up. Then, I wanted to apply this pedagogy myself in my daily life and to integrate a school.

In 2018, I decided to train at ISMM in Nogent as a Montessori assistant for the Children's House and joined GIS to continue my path in this discipline.

Portrait of Liena, educational assistant


Educational assistant  
With several years of experience in babysitting (I started at 15), I have always been in contact with children. After obtaining a degree in Psychology - which allowed me to discover the Montessori pedagogy and to become familiar with the concept - I applied to Grow In School in order to deepen my knowledge and to put the precepts into practice.

Dynamic and motivated, it is with happiness that I joined the team in 2020 to ensure the extracurricular supervision with Natija and Axelle.

Portrait of Natija, ATSEM


ATSEM - in charge of the after-school program
As a mother of four grown children, I have worked for 20 years in preschools, elementary schools and even middle school!

After several positions as an Educational Assistant or AVS (Assistant of School Life) I wanted to discover other learning methods for children. I met Alexia in 2018 and decided to join the school to take care of all the extracurricular activities.

I was able to bring my "non Montessorian" experience to the team and I learned from my colleagues the foundations of a pedagogy that accompanies each child at his or her own pace while respecting his or her appetites and desires.

This balance allows us to work together in harmony so that we can offer each child a "space of freedom within the framework". 

Portrait of Patricia, English-speaking teaching and management assistant at Grow in School


English-speaking educational and management assistant
With a specific background in education, I studied the " Early Childhood Education ". Then I did a master's degree on learning disabilities in children aged 3 to 12.

As a teacher, I have two main passions: the first is to learn about the different pedagogies that help children learn and grow. And the second is language learning.

During my studies, I studied Montessori pedagogy a lot. Considering that it is the one that allows children to learn and evolve in a realistic environment close to nature where they define their learning guided by adults, I really wanted to be able to apply these principles.

I am bilingual Spanish / English. I moved to Paris to work in a Montessori school and learn French. Today I plan to continue to specialize in this pedagogy and become an AMI certified educator.

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